Strategic Competencies of a Community Development Officer

by Sep 30, 2019Insight

Aap Apipudin

Aap Apipudin

Marketing Director, Filantra

The term CDO (Community Development Officer) is now familiar among social activists, especially among companies who always use its services in carrying out their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programs.

CDO is defined as a social worker who provides assistance to the community to improve the quality of social condition, economic and quality to create an independent community. It is the spearhead in helping companies to improve their welfare through community assistance and development so that CDOs must have good competency.

Competence is a combination of the ability of soft skills and hard skills which CDO has to do their main tasks and functions. The ability of soft skills consists of two aspects: personality and social. While hard skills consist of one aspect, namely professional competence.

Personality competency includes:

  1. Act in accordance with Indonesian national religious, legal, social and cultural norms
  2. Become an honest, noble, and good figure for the community.
  3. Become a steady, stable, mature, wise, and authoritative person.
  4. Perform high work ethic and responsibility and also pride and be confident to a CDO

While social competency includes:

  1. Be inclusive, act objectively, and not discriminate because of consideration of gender, religion, race, physical condition, family background, and socioeconomic status.
  2. Communicate effectively, empathically, and politely with fellow workers, superiors, the government, and the community.
  3. Adapt in places of work that have socio-cultural diversity.
  4. Communicate with similar professional communities and across professions to build synergies

Professional Competencies that are minimally possessed by a CDO are:

  1. Community empowerment strategies
  2. Social Mapping
  3. Conflict Negotiations
  4. Community Organizing
  5. Forum facilitation
  6. Community Advocacy
  7. Program Management which includes: Planning, Instrumentation and Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Termination, and Replication.

If this competency is owned by the Community Development Officer (CDO) then this CDO certainly has a strategic role to succeed in the social program.




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