About Us

Filantra is a social institution that provides consultation and implementation of CSR and social funds for the good of nature and others.

“More than 10 years experiences of Filantra in CSR and philantrophy sector is outlined in a proper and right plan”

Our Vision:

Reduce world poverty rates in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

Our Missions:

  • Become a world referral institution for managing the achievements of the SDGs 2030.

  • Become an expert and certified institution in social problem alleviation in Indonesia and the world.

  • Becoma a universal and inclusive social institution that provides solutions for nature and others.


Filantra has legitimacy through formal legal aspects as follows:

  • Deed of Incorporation: Nuryasin Abdul Djalal, S.H No.62 of 2015

  • Deed of Change Name: Notary Surjadi Jasin, SH. No. 63 April 20, 2017

  • Certificate of Minister of Justice and Human Rights, 2nd May, 2017

   AHU – 0009345 AH.01.12. Year 2017

  • Registered Determination as a Social Welfare Institution: Number