About Us

Filantra has been a trusted empowerment consultant since 2015 who is at the forefront of supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through CSR, community development and philanthropy programs to bring positive and sustainable impacts.

Various Social and Environmental Responsibility programs, community development and philanthropic programs which we knit with our partners are a concrete manifestation of our love for the nation.

Filantra helps partners develop programs and social initiatives that have broad impact, are measurable, planned, accountable, collaborative and trusted, which we call the IMPACT approach (Inclusive, Measurable, Planned, Accountable, Credible, Trusted).

The products we offer, include:
1. Consulting
2. Program Implementation & Community Involvement
3. Community Services

As empowerment consultants, the issue of climate change has also become our concern where in recent years global climate change has become increasingly apparent.

We believe that each of us can help limit the impact of climate change. From the way we travel, to the use of electricity, to the food we consume, we can make a difference, starting from the smallest, starting with ourselves and starting today.

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