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Filantra is a CSR Consultant who is expert in planning and implementing appropriate and sustainable CSR.

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Social Return on Investment 

SROI or Social Return on Investment is a way to measure values ​​that often overlooked in financial statements, such as: social, economic and environmental factors. This method can identify how effective a company using its capital and other resources to create value for society. While cost-benefit analysis has traditionally been using to compare various investments or projects, SROI often used to evaluate the general development of financial and social impacts that companies have.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy part II

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies are guidelines that must be obeyed in formulating strategies and taking actions to achieve company goals. The principle value in formulating CSR policies is empowerment. Therefore, the substance of CSR policy is not only concerned with harmonizing the company and the community, but also structured efforts to encourage community independence.



Case Studies

Entrepreneurial Assistance for SMEs Empowerment

According to FEB UI’s 2018 Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) and Entrepreneurship Empowerment research institute, the development of SMEs in the country has two main obstacles: capital and marketing difficulties. Capital problems prevented UKM players from expanding their businesses and elevating to the next level

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