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Filantra is a CSR Consultant who is expert in planning and implementing appropriate and sustainable CSR.

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Empowerment Concept

A social program should be able to empower its beneficiaries, as the main goal to make the beneficiaries become more empowered after the program finished so that it can leave a sustainable impact.

Empowerment is an effort made by individuals, companies, communities and even countries to advance the community on certain empowerment field. Empowerment programs can be carried out with several activities such as education, giving motivation and furthermore giving material things in the form of working capital.

CSR Synergy and Collaboration

wadays Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is growing rapidly in line with the increasing concern of the business community and the environment. CSR is a manifestation of the commitment of the business community to act ethically, operate legally and contribute to economic improvement, together by improving the quality of life of employees and their families while also improving the quality of local communities and society. 



Case Studies

Entrepreneurial Assistance for SMEs Empowerment

According to FEB UI’s 2018 Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) and Entrepreneurship Empowerment research institute, the development of SMEs in the country has two main obstacles: capital and marketing difficulties. Capital problems prevented UKM players from expanding their businesses and elevating to the next level

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