Our Team

Logo philosophy

Work Culture
Our personality is Well-Planned & Full of Care that we elaborate into four (4) Brand Personality, as follows:
1. Credible
Perform tasks with expertise and experience to build the right, efficient and effective performance.
2. Problem-Solving

Analyze community problems to offer the right and sustainable solution.

Care for the community to elevate their level, and care for customers to understand and answer their needs.
4. Inclusive

Work together solidly to achieve common goals, and make sure to give useful solutions for everyone.

Salman Noersiwan Bachtiar
Corporate Ecologist │ Strategic Communication

CEO Filantra:
Asep Nurdin

Filantra team Leaders:
Aap Apipudin
Arinil Hayatun Nufus
Ahsan Salim
Muhammad Majid Baddarudin
Endah Listiani
Ai Ratih Rusmayanti
Soleh Juarsah
Yosefh Firmansyah
Dadi Mulyadi
Rahmat Kusnawan