by Jan 24, 2020Insight

Asep Nurdin

Asep Nurdin


In conceptualizing a social program, the program must be able to empower beneficiaries, because that is actually the main goal of the social program where the beneficiaries would be more empowered and get the empowerment impact.

There are two things that need to be considered when the empowerment process will be implement, the first is the concept of the program must be clear ─ what is actually the ultimate goal of the empowerment program.
Second is the acceptance and willingness from the beneficiaries to be empowered. The beneficiaries must have the same objectives to implement the program.

Community acceptance usually also depends on the approach of the program facilitator, if the approach is appropriate and acceptable then we can be sure that the empowerment program will be successful according to the objectives.

These are simple tips to support the empowerment program.