Keys to Success in Implementing a CSR Program

by Mar 15, 2019Insight

Asep Nurdin

Asep Nurdin


The implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) today has become a lifestyle for companies, especially companies both national and mutinational companies

In addition to competing as best as possible to fulfill the company’s obligation to implement CSR, the implementation of CSR programs can also be a value added for the company in the eyes of the public when the implementation of CSR programs is implemented well.


To implement the CSR program well, the following are the keys to success:

  1. The Purpose of the CSR Program as Settlement of Problems in the Field

The ideal of the CSR program is to solve local problems, thus the implementation of the program will be effective / right on target and have a positive impact on the community. To find out the problem, a CSR program needs to be started by doing Social Mapping as one of the tools to describe the real conditions of the community that will be addressed along with the current problems and conditions that are there.

2. The existence of Community Champion in the Local Area

Changing the condition of the community as expected from the CSR program that we implement is not difficult and also not easy, the challenge is because there has been a community culture for years along with its characteristics, therefore there needs to be a special approach to local communities so that they willing to support the CSR program that we implement in the region. The full support of the local community can facilitate the implementation of the CSR program, besides that it also supports the program so that it can produce sustainable impacts, especially for the local area.

3. The existence of a facilitator or program facilitator

The role of the facilitator is important to direct the course of the program to the community, in addition the facilitator can also supervise when the program is running. Ideally, the facilitator will come from the program implementation area so that he can be easily accepted and blend with the local community.


With these keys to success, the implementation of a CSR program can run on the track according to its main purpose to be a solution to the problems faced by the community. By involving the community in the CSR program, it is hoped that the community will bring a sense of belonging to the program, because it can support the success of the program being run. The selection of the right facilitator is also important in implementing a CSR program. Knowing the background of the facilitator and likening the vision are important things to do.