Employee Volunteering Program (EVP): Spreading goodness for a Greener and Cleaner Environment

by Aug 24, 2023Insight


“It turns out that volunteering with office friends can be as fun as this, even though it is draining, but when you see the river getting clean again, there is a sense of pride in itself,” said one of the PT PLN UIT JBT Employee Volunteering Program participants.

Who doesn’t like seeing shady trees and clear rivers? Well, Filantra and PT UIT JBT Persero really realize the importance of protecting the environment and providing natural coolness to all of us. Therefore, river conservation and tree planting were held which were packaged as an Employee Volunteering Program for employees of PT PLN UIT JBT Persero.

Rivers are the source of life for many creatures on earth. Unfortunately, sometimes our rivers are polluted by garbage and sewage. In this activity, PT PLN UIT JBT employees moved to clean up the river around the Regol square area. Using simple tools such as trash bags and tongs, they enthusiastically collect the rubbish that litters the river.

What’s amazing is how these small actions can have such a big impact. By cleaning the river, they not only maintain the beauty of nature, but also support the sustainability of the water ecosystem which plays an important role for all of us.

“Through this activity, it helps us to be able to foster solidarity between employees and have an impact on the environment,” said Ms. Risma Wilnetri as TJSL assistant manager from PT PLN UIT JBT

In the modern business world, CSR is becoming increasingly important. Companies are not only judged in terms of products and services, but also how they contribute to social welfare and the environment. EVP is a central pillar in this effort, connecting employees with the surrounding community and creating deeper positive relationships.

To find out more about how companies can implement an Employee Volunteering Program (EVP), please contact us via info@filantra.org/+628156002276