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At the beginning of October, the Ministry of Social Affairs of Indonesia organized the ASEAN High Level Forum (AHLF) on Disability-Inclusive Development, discussing disability equality across various fields, from education to socio-economic aspects.



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Inclusion for people with disabilities is incredibly important, as many individuals with disabilities in Indonesia still struggle to obtain equal rights in various aspects of life.

There are many efforts that can be made to build social inclusion for people with disabilities, and one such effort that businesses can undertake is through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Examples of Companies Supporting Disability Inclusivity The KEDIP (Productive Disability Group) program initiated by PT Pelindo Solusi Logistik in collaboration with Filantra aims to support Indonesia’s inclusion program to provide equality for people with disabilities, particularly in the economic field.

The KEDIP program originated from the economic challenges faced by people with disabilities in the Tugu Utara area of North Jakarta. PT Pelindo Solusi Logistik mentors people with disabilities who have SMEs to achieve economic self-sufficiency by providing knowledge and training in product creation and marketing. This program is consistent with the ideas expressed by the Minister of Social Affairs during the Disability-Inclusive Development forum in Makassar, focusing on the economic self-sufficiency of people with disabilities by opening up business opportunities.

“I am trying to make them economically self-sufficient, so there needs to be a lot of training for them to be able to start their own businesses,” said Mrs. Risma, the Minister of Social Affairs of Indonesia.

The contribution of the business world through CSR programs that focus on the economic self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities can assist the government in realizing Inclusive Indonesia, thus broadening opportunities for people with disabilities.

There are many other activities that can be implemented in various CSR programs or TJSL to support inclusivity for people with disabilities. Let’s discuss your program with us via info@filantra.org or contact the WA Center at +628156002276.


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