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Jaycob Ticoalu

Jaycob Ticoalu


At it’s very basis, community development is a practical idea that adheres the to needs of a specified community. It is a process where agencies support members in identifying and creating solutions to underlying problems found within a community. It is an empowering act, and leads to improvements throughout the community as a whole. 

Community development creates an empowering atmosphere, thus creating a stronger and closely knitted community.  Community development is an approach that strives to be inclusive and empowering, while dealing with human rights aspects such as social justice. 

By taking collective action upon problems that exist within a community, outcomes are expected to reveal themselves at both at an individual level and a community level. People who participate in community development often see a rise in levels of skill and knowledge, as well as feelings of self-empowerment. Through this important feeling of empowerment, community members can now challenge the conditions and systems that are having adverse effects upon them, effectively creating a sense of confidence through the skills and knowledge obtained. At a community level, results may include a healthier community, as well as a more cohesive and communication based set of members. 

Community Development is not simply a single event; it is a long lasting process that continues beyond one-time events. Consultations and advisory groups can be apart of community development, but can never represent community development as a whole. 

In conclusion, through the constant communication between agencies and communities, a community is able to improve upon itself, through identifying issues. It is self-empowering and confidence inducing, which shall aid the community members for the future to come. 


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