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Jaycob Ticoalu

Jaycob Ticoalu


Within the process that is community development,  there exist a number of approaches. These numerous approaches differ from one another, however they are all tied with a single goal in mind ; that is to further solidify the community, strengthening both it’s occupants and their livelihood. 

Community Engagement refers to the focus upon relationships, through evaluation, involvement, and exchange of thoughts and opinions about issues or a concept. Women Self-Help Groups refer to a focus upon the wellbeing of women in a community as a whole. Arguably one of the most important, which is Sustainable Development, seeks to achieve development in a thorough and balanced way. This includes social development, economical development, and environmental protection. 

Community Development is not only constricted and confined to economical and social development, as seen with Language Revitalization; of which aid focuses upon a single language in an attempts to establish it in the community. The most popular of this would be language preservation, which is normally used by small language communities in order to preserve both culture and language. An example of this would be the Ainu language program in Japan that seeks to help preserve both the Ainu language and culture. 

In conclusion, there exists a number of methods that help develop a community further, a myriad of job titles as well; methods and procedures are all different in each and every country, however they all strive to better the community together as a whole. To bring better people and to protect and develop what is important to the members of the community.