CSR Consulting

We translate company’s objective and strategy into some recommendations to deliver their value for a long term, such as:


CSR Roadmap

CSR Roadmap is a detailed plan that contains systematic stages regarding the implementation of CSR programs in a certain period of time, by carrying out problem mapping, analysis and programming.


  • Purpose :Explain CSR vision and strategy
  • Provide guidance documents used to carry out CSR strategies
  • Helping communication to all stakeholders
CSR Event

CSR Event provides professional services in organizing desired CSR events, starting from planning, preparation, execution to evaluation, in order to help realize the objectives expected by Partners.

Purpose :

Helping companies to be able to organize CSR events that have been planned or desired.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report is a public report prepared by the company to provide internal and external stakeholders regarding the selection of company positions and activities in the economic, environmental and social dimensions.

1. Transparency for stakeholders
2. Increasing the Company’s reputation
3. Continuous Repair
4. Encouraging innovation
5. Risk Awareness
6. Improve the Management System
7. Increase awareness, motivate employees, and attract talent
8. Attract Long-Term Capital and Favorable Financing Conditions
9. Creating Financial Value
10. Maintaining a License for Operations

PROPER Assessment Consultation

PROPER Consultation is to help companies prepare data and documents in the Corporate Performance Rating Program in Environmental Management developed by the Ministry of Environment.


Purpose :

Helping companies prepare documents to encourage companies to get incentives in the form of public dissemination of reputation or image for companies that have good environmental management performance.

Social Mapping

Social Mapping is a systematic process of describing the community and involves collecting data and information about the community including profiles and social problems that exist in the community.

Purpose :

  • Displays data on community layout, infrastructure, population, ethno-group languages, patterns of health, wealth, and so on
  • Identify different social groups using locally defined criteria and assess asset distribution across social groups
  • Deepen community knowledge and perceptions
  • Identify existing influences and powers
  • Learn about social institutions and different community views on these social institutions